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Throughout Timotteo's existence we've always liked to have a place associated with the band, a place were the band could organize shows. In this quartet we were always attracted by the social part of performing, after the show chatting with our audience, enjoying a laugh with friends, something far away from the seriousness of the jobs we do every day to make a living.

In the beginning it was a marvelous house in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo (in Buenos Aires) called Pachamama Cultural Center. We started playing every Friday one very hot summer, inviting groups varying from small bands to full tango orchestras as guests. In Pachamama we played acoustically, with people sat around in sofas enjoying the music.

Later we moved to the Guapachoza Cultural Center, a place that has more to do with theatre than tango. We played all the following year there, organizing very memorable nights. Again we organized shows and invited bands.

Finally in 2009 we were able to start our own milonga. In the heart of San Telmo we organized "Montevideo" every Thursday where we could play our own music and compositions, invite people to dance some tangos or just have a drink and enjoy the show.

That same year we released our first album "Timotteo" which besides having compositions from Plaza and Rovira, featured some of our own work, plus the participation of the San Martin Symphonic Orchestra performing the "Concierto de Nácar" from Piazzolla.

Also in that year we did our first tour of Uruguay, playing in the Montevideo Tango Festival organized by Joventango. We played in many venues around the city such as the Sala Zitarrosa. Later in 2010 we did our first European tour, visiting countries including Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Turkey and England, where we played together with jazz musician Harry Waters.

We repeated the European tour in 2011 playing again in many of the countries we had visited previously. We also made appearances on TV.

In 2012 the quartet turned into a quintet, adding Alejandro Laffogianis as a cellist and organizing (this time in Buenos Aires) a show with Harry Waters in ND/Ateneo, besides playing a couple of tunes for the Argentinian version of his CD.

  Ignacio Oroná   (Bandoneon)
Ruben Polizzi   (Violin)
Alejandro Lafogiannis   (chello)
Federico Pérez   (Piano)
Manuel Villar Lifac   (Doublebass)

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